Monday, November 30, 2009

Family pics at the ranch with Pete- Part 1

Pete has been in the family a LONG time...since Leslie was be exact. There are many stories and funny memories when this family thinks of Pete....broken limbs, kicking numerous people, etc....but he is still very loved, and still very much a special part of their family.
Leslie and her family were in town visiting the rest of the fam for the holidays. Maddie and I headed up to the ranch in Valley Center to capture some photos of them with their beloved Pete.
Here are a few teasers...more to come...enjoy!

Leslie and Pete

The whole fam with might recognize a few faces on the right....They are our dear friends and have graced the blog many a time :)

Wyatt being silly

This screams CANVAS print...don't cha think?

Becca with her sweet baby girl

Maddie snuck in for a picture with the girls :)

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  1. I love looking at these pics. You make us look good! How did you do that? You are amazing and I love the family pics and seeing the funny looks on the kids. Love the wyatt pic stretch out his legs. Cant wait to send this blog to others. Love ya girl, Becca