Thursday, July 30, 2009

John & Heather- Part 2

My editing has gotten a little behind, but I am getting closer to getting back on track now. Here are a few long overdue teasers for John and Heather...enjoy!
IMG_4702 by you.
IMG_3940 by you.
Lacing her in.
IMG_3852 by you.
IMG_4148 by you.
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IMG_4777 by you.
IMG_3943 by you.
This was her childhood friend giving her her "something borrowed"
IMG_4126 by you.
IMG_4748 by you.
IMG_4758 by you.
IMG_4065 by you.
Serious team effort
IMG_3871 by you.
I can't remember if I wrote about Brian saving Heather's purse from the waves during their engagment session, but Brian once again saved the day at their wedding. A couple of hours into their reception the power suddenly went out. Brian is electrician by day, so he was on it....and had the party up and running again in no time ;)
IMG_5653 by you.
IMG_3953 by you.
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IMG_4139 by you.
I love this next sequence...I'm not sure which of the boys said the following to Heather's mom "Dang, you look sexy without your glasses on". This is the reaction that got :)
IMG_4078 by you.
IMG_4081 by you.
It was priceless
IMG_4083 by you.
IMG_3933 by you.
IMG_4137 by you.
IMG_4725 by you.
Heather had only one pose request....can you do the one where his hand is covering part of the picture while we are kissing? Absolutely! I try to be as original as I can with my photography, but honestly there are only so many poses you can do....most of them are just photography classics...but this pose is a BekiDawn original. :)
IMG_4843 by you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Maddie started preschool this week!!! I'm beyond blessed that I am able to send her to the same private school that I went to, so I know she is the best hands. She loves her preschool! She doesn't love it as much after 6 or 7 hours when she starts asking for mommy, but they said that before that she is just great. We went back to school shopping last week and picked out her first day of school outfit and a bag to hold her extra clothes in case of an "accident"....which thankfully she hasn't had to use yet :) She is obsessed with the Horton Hears A Who book/movie right now, so it was awesome to find this Horton bg for her to bring to school. She is super proud of it!

IMG_6503 by you.

Ugh, I cannot wait to paint the ouside of our house. It is the most hideous color right now! We are leaning towards yellow which would make for a much better, brighter, cheerier background color when photographing Maddie at her favorite spot....the front door stoop :)

IMG_6495 by you.

YEAH first day! She was so excited!

IMG_6498 by you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adriana & Dennis- Havin a baby!

When Adriana and Dennis got out of the car I thought hmmm they look familiar. Adriana approached me as Dennis was still at the car. I told her that I thought that I recognized her husband from high school marching band. She said "Yeah, I was in marching band too". Small world! She had googled photographer and found me. It was meant to be ;) Adriana is due in just a few more weeks, so I wanted to get these teasers up for them to see before life gets too crazy!
I love these's a mix of sweet, romantic, and fun.....enjoy!

IMG_6220 by you.
IMG_6448 by you.
IMG_6314 by you.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Jessie- Getting ready at home

I am a sentimental schmuck. It's nice when a bride has a beautiful room to prepare in, but I also love the comfortable feeling we had while photographing Jessie in her room at her mom's house. I thought it was so cool that we were able to capture her last moments in her bedroom before becoming a married woman. It was fun to go through and edit these and know that she will have these pictures to look back on and remember all the little details of her bedroom. Most people could care less about that kind of stuff, but I LOVE it! Here are just a few of my favorites of Jessie getting ready at home.....enjoy!

I love this shot! It's a reflection from the mirror across the room. I love the silhouette!
IMG_1469 by you.
Aren't her save the dates cute?
IMG_1406 by you.
IMG_1439 by you.
IMG_1408 by you.
IMG_1404 by you.
IMG_1462 by you.
The rings. Her ring was passed down to her from one of Shane's relatives....I love that!
IMG_1351 by you.
IMG_1475 by you.
Jessie had this specially made for Shane. It says "My heart belongs to a COASTIE". so cute!
IMG_1398 by you.
Jessie had the CDs made for the wedding favors. The CD is filled with love songs that remind you of Jessie and Shane. Great idea. I wish I would have thought of that ;)
Another thing that makes me giggle in this pic is the blueberry bagel. Jessie was starving and she asked her sister to get her a bagel. Her sister is downstairs yelling up at Jessie "What flavor do you want? " "What kind of cream cheese"? Jessie yells down the answer and then turns to me and says she's been my sister for how long and she still doesn't know...I get the same thing everytime. So funny, my family does the same thing. I'm a VERY picky eater. My dad will still bring home a burger with every thing on it, and I'm like ok, have gotten me how many burgers in my life and you still don't know that I like them plain???? :)
IMG_1499 by you.
IMG_1475 by you.
IMG_1502 by you.
IMG_1367 by you.
hair and makeup...check.
IMG_1480 by you.
The dress! I love bookcases full of knick knacks and stuffed with books. I shoot detail shots on them whenever I can :)
IMG_1357 by you.
One of my favorite shoe shots of all time ;) I love how the ivory of the shoes matches the decoloration of the books from years of sitting on that bookcase. love it!
IMG_1355 by you.
A detail shot of the dress. Isn't it gorgeous!?! I love all the folds. I should know what the folds are called from all of the seasons of Project Runway I've watched, but I can't think of the technical term right now.
IMG_1360 by you.