Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shane & Jessie- the finale

Here are my last few favs from Shane and Jessie's engagement session :)

Shane & Jessie-Part 3

Some more...

Shane & Jessie- Part 2

Ok, I'm going to post a bazillion from this session because I just love them so much!

There are a couple of shots that I have always wanted to do. One is a carousel shot the other is a trolley shot. I finally got to do a carousel shot, and was so close to doing a trolley shot. Time and light had run out as we were waiting for a trolley to come by. Shane and Jessie had to leave, and just a couple minutes after they left a trolley pulled up. I was SO bummed!

Shane & Jessie's Engagment Session

Jessie contacted me a few weeks ago, and wondered if there was any way that I would be able to do their engagement pictures the day after Thanksgiving. Shane had just recently joined the Coast Guard, so he has been away at training most of the year. He was back in town for just a few days for the holiday, and was scheduled to fly back the day after Thanksgiving. It worked out perfectly, since I was off work. We met at Balboa Park, and captured a bunch of great images right before he was to get back on his plane to head back to San Fransisco.
Here's a few sneak peeks for Jessie and Shane. I will be posting more as I edited them.

Friday, November 28, 2008

our Thanksgiving excitment

Brian and I are rarely the type of people that can just sit and do nothing. So, on Thanksgiving morning we were ready and out the door by 9am. We drove around to see what was open, and what do you know....everything is still closed on Thanksgiving. Darn, we were hoping that things changed this year, and we could start our shopping on Thursday.

We decided to kill some time before dinner, so we went to go hiking on some trails by my Grandma's house. We stopped on the trail at this cool flat rock to take pictures of Maddie. I had only taken just a couple of shots when it started pouring down rain on us. We ran back to the car, but Maddie didn't want to get in. She stood out in the pouring rain for about 5 minutes....she LOVED it!

Here's one of the 2 shots that I got before the rain came...
IMG_1427 by you.
Soaking wet.
IMG_1435 by you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy *belated* Thanksgiving!

Well, I started this post yesterday as I was getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and then realized that it was time to head out so I didn't get it posted.

This Thanksgiving I realized more than ever how truly blessed I am. I have an amazing family, adorable and sweet little girl, a wonderful husband, a job that I love, a new house that I love, and great friends! Life is really good!

I have this hibiscus plant in my front yard that I have only seen bloom once. I saw it, and then thought....oh, I'll get a picture of that tomorrow, and when I went back out the next was gone. So, I went out a couple days ago, and there it was with 2 blooms. I grabbed my camera to finally get a shot of it. They are such gorgeous flowers, and the colors couldn't be more perfect(orange and my logo)!

Brian and I just got home from an engagement shoot downtown, so I will be posting pics of that soon! Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


These little cuties were a mix of Irish and Filipino, and what an adorable mix that was. We showed up to our location and quickly noticed that it was "get your family photos taken at this park" day. There were photographers everywhere we looked. I surprised the girls with giant rainbow lolly pops at the end of our shoot. Mom couldn't believe her ears when I asked her to unwrap and hand them to the little ones. She thought that they were just props, but I wanted to capture the joy of a little one with a lolly pop....I think that it was a success. Here are a few sneak peeks for mom and dad....enjoy.

If these were my kids, I would totally want this blown up on canvas!

IMG_1365 by you.

ok ,that was more than a few :)