Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chris & Brisena- Part 2

Here's a few more of my favs from this past Saturday's wedding...
IMG_5764 by you.
IMG_5772 by you.
IMG_5707 by you.
IMG_5623 by you.
IMG_5756 by you.
IMG_5783light by you.
IMG_5111 by you.
IMG_5649 by you.
IMG_5509 by you.
IMG_5253 by you.
IMG_5733 by you.
IMG_5621 by you.
IMG_5674 by you.
IMG_5300 by you.
IMG_5633 by you.
IMG_5678 by you.
They had such memorable dances in my mind. I have never cried so hard while shooting! Here are just a couple of my favorite dance shots...
IMG_5890 by you.
IMG_5971 by you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chris & Brisena

We had such a great time photographing these two this past Saturday. I knew it was going to be an emotional day when Chris started practicing his vows as him and his groomsmen were getting ready. Then I really felt it as Chris walked down the aisle teary eyed even before he had seen his bride. But when I really started to cry was the moment they saw each other. Everyone at that ceremony felt the love that this couple had for one another as they saw their expressions.

Thank you guys for being so easy and so sweet. I know that you and your family are super excited to see your photos, so here are just a few that I have already edited. I will be posting a more throughout the week, so keep checking in...enjoy!
IMG_5014 by you.
IMG_5138 by you.
IMG_5131 by you.
IMG_5005 by you.
IMG_5141 by you.
IMG_5066 by you.
IMG_5043 by you.
IMG_5102 by you.
IMG_5311 by you.
IMG_5208 by you.
IMG_5435 by you.
IMG_5746 by you.
IMG_5095 by you.
IMG_5733bw by you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Eliza & Becca- Part 2

I'm not usually the hugest fan of the sepia tone (a brownish tone), but most of these images of Eliza were just screaming sepia to me, so I went with it :) Here are a few more of sweet little Eliza...


I mentioned about a month ago that Maddie's boyfriend, Wyatt, had a new baby sister. She was born 6 weeks early, and finally came home from the hospital last week. I was off work today, so Becca brought her down and I finally got to meet her. She is adorable! She only weighs a little more than 6lbs. but is still a little chubster. I wanted to snap a few pics of her while she was sleeping, but she wasn't cooperating very well. She did finally take a small snooze though, so I got a few shots in. Here's one... more to come

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Canvas Samples

I got my new canvas samples in the mail a few days ago, and I am SO in love! I have had one of Maddie hanging in our living room for the past year, and ever since I got it I have said that I will never frame a picture to hang on the wall again! Everyone that comes over comments on how gorgeous it is.
Canvas is the way to go....it looks amazing! They are a little pricey, but so worth it!
So, I got a few canvas samples to bring with me to show clients. You really can't tell how awesome they are until you see them in person, but here are a few pics anyways :)

canvas3 by you.
canvas2 by you.
Right above Brian's desk :)
canvas1 by you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Website & A Crazy Hail Storm

Brian and I had an office day today. We brought Maddie to my mom's house, and spent the whole day glued to our computers. We both were so productive! Brian worked on getting everything ready to do our taxes, and I worked on the new website.
I'm thrilled to announce that the new WEDDING website is up. You can check it out at www.bekidawnphotography.com
go to the wedding site, and let me know what you think :)
I do not claim to be a website designer, but there were some changes that I really needed to make so I decided to re-design it by myself.

We actually had a shoot scheduled today in the late afternoon. I had been hearing that it was supposed to rain today, so I would occansionally glance out at the sky to see if rain clouds were coming. At about noon I checked, and there were perfectly blue sky...by 12:30, crazy amounts of hail were pouring out of the sky. It was pretty exciting...except for the fact that it destroyed all the new flowers that I just planted last weekend :(
Here's a few quick snapshots from our front door...

This mound of ice is still sitting there...11 hours later

Monday, February 2, 2009


I am determined to get in shape this year! I finally started my exercise routine last week. I did a hour hike 3 times last week, and am shooting for 4-5 days this week. I just got this brand new hiking pack to carry Maddie in when I go hiking. It's rad because it adds another 45-50 lbs to me. My legs are burning when I'm done! Here's a pic that my mom snapped of Maddie and me on our hike today :)