Monday, November 30, 2009

Family pics at the ranch with Pete- Part 1

Pete has been in the family a LONG time...since Leslie was be exact. There are many stories and funny memories when this family thinks of Pete....broken limbs, kicking numerous people, etc....but he is still very loved, and still very much a special part of their family.
Leslie and her family were in town visiting the rest of the fam for the holidays. Maddie and I headed up to the ranch in Valley Center to capture some photos of them with their beloved Pete.
Here are a few teasers...more to come...enjoy!

Leslie and Pete

The whole fam with might recognize a few faces on the right....They are our dear friends and have graced the blog many a time :)

Wyatt being silly

This screams CANVAS print...don't cha think?

Becca with her sweet baby girl

Maddie snuck in for a picture with the girls :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jon & Leslie- Part 1

I swore I would never photograph a friends wedding... Never ever, but then Jon asked if I was willing.... and I couldn't say no. I have worked with Jon the past couple of years at my day job, and we have become great friends. He's an amazing photographer, and just that he even asked me to photograph his wedding was a huge compliment....I was honored to do it :)

Here are a few teasers...more to come soon....enjoy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Yeah!!! It's here! Finally, an afternoon of pigging out, and an evening filled with Christmas decorating!!!! I must of rearranged the furniture 5 times this morning...trying to find a new way to set up the tree for this year. I got it though, and the hubby actually approves. I have a problem with rearranging my living room. I do it every couple of months...just to see how it looks. Brian usually doesn't approve and has to move things slightly, but I got it right today :)

On to the sale...
November 26th-29th we will be offering 1/2 off all GIFT CERTIFICATES. That's a 1-2 hour session...with a CD of all edited images, and a copyright release for $150 (normally $300).
Can't think of what to get a certain someone? I'm thinkin they might be super stoked to open up a bd photography gift certificate on Christmas morning, so snag 'em up while they are 1/2 off! Can be used ANY time after the new year :)

I can't write a post without a picture...
This Thanksgiving day I'm am absolutely most thankful for my amazing family. I am beyond blessed to have these 2 in my life!!! They are my life, and I thank God that he has brought them to me!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!! ENJOY some good eats :)

Thanks to for the awesome pic of us :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The "H" Family- "The Party"

I mentioned in the last set of teasers for this family that I was there to mainly photograph their oldest daughter's 6th birthday party.
It was pretty much the coolest birthday party I have ever attended. They hired to come and host the event.
It was a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Decked out with tea, sandwhiches, costumes, "eat me" cupcakes, and even a three legged tea cup race.
Here are some of the highlights from the lovely event!

The birthday girl...Miss "G"

Miss "G"s little sister...Miss "C"


The girls gathered around her to sing a song in her honor :)

Miss "C" comin around the last bend of the three legged race

Such a gorgeous setup

aaaaaaand blow!

Miss "C"

Miss "G"