Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Matt & Angela's Day

I just delivered the final disc of images to Angela today, and wanted to blog my favorites from their day. This wedding was a little different for me because Brian didn't join me. Instead my good friend and coworker at my day job shot with me. Scott is also a wedding photographer in San Diego, and you can check out his stuff at www.swansphotos.com

Matt & Angela's day....enjoy!
IMG_9862 by you.
IMG_9813 by you.
IMG_9816 by you.
IMG_9898 by you.
IMG_9914 by you.
IMG_9830 by you.
IMG_9825 by you.
IMG_0285 by you.
told you, Matt ;)
IMG_0175 by you.
IMG_9902 by you.
just before walking down the aisle
IMG_0005 by you.
IMG_0069 by you.
IMG_0105 by you.
IMG_0253 by you.
IMG_0113 by you.
IMG_0207 by you.
IMG_0312 by you.
IMG_0319 by you.
IMG_0362 by you.
IMG_0352 by you.
IMG_0336 by you.
IMG_0371 by you.
IMG_0382 by you.
their entrance
IMG_0412 by you.
IMG_0385 by you.
IMG_0624 by you.
IMG_0779 by you.
The toasts were very emotional!
IMG_0559 by you.
IMG_0546 by you.
IMG_0550 by you.
IMG_0599 by you.
IMG_0608 by you.
IMG_0615 by you.
IMG_0791 by you.
IMG_0473 by you.
IMG_0499 by you.
IMG_0446 by you.
Matt hates cakes, so the next best thing...your own Apple Pie ala mode :)
IMG_0796 by you.
oh yea, mom catching the bouquet!
IMG_0738 by you.
As I was leaving I walked out to the parking lot to find Matt busting some pretty rad moves.
IMG_0821 by you.
The end.
Congrats guys!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pete & Diana Engagement- Part 2

I've got a few more teasers edited for Pete and Diana...enjoy!

IMG_3747 by you.
Diana, you are stunning!
IMG_3370 by you.
IMG_3670 by you.
I had this image in the last post, but realized that the color was off...so here's the new edit ;)
IMG_3240 copy by you.
IMG_3431 by you.
IMG_3339 by you.
I love capturing these kinds of moments!
IMG_3660 by you.
IMG_3802 by you.
IMG_3190 by you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pete & Diana- Engagement

Pete and Diana are awesome. For some reason things have gone all wrong since our first meeting, but have ended with a happy ending. We were scheduled to meet on a Sunday. I was in the backyard with Maddie and Brian when the phone rings...it's Diana. She says "aren't we supposed to be meeting, or was I confused on the date?". I think OMG! You have got to be kidding me....how did I mess this up...I keep everything on my calendar, and thank god have never forgotten anything up until poor Pete and Diana. So, I rush out to meet them the second I hang up the phone. They waited there so patiently for me :) I was totally unprepared, but they could care less. She wrote me just a few days later to say that they would love to have us as their photographers, and so here we are....Brian and I just got home about an hour ago from photographing Pete and Diana's engagement session, and I couldn't be more thrilled that they have chosen us. They are a gorgeous couple, and my camera LOVES them :)
I promised them a couple teasers tonight, so ENJOY guys!

These two images both have a completely different feel to them, and they jumped out at me the second I saw them.

IMG_3769 by you.

IMG_3240 by you.

There will be PLENTY more to come in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned :)