Monday, June 15, 2009

Jori- Maternity

Jori is due in just about a month with twin girls! How exciting!
Jori and Corey are high school sweethearts who after being together for around 11 years, are finally going to start their family togehter :)
Here are a few teasers from their session yesterday afternoon....enjoy!

IMG_0586 by you.
IMG_0540 by you.
IMG_0512 by you.
IMG_0533 by you.
IMG_0487 by you.
IMG_0592 by you.
IMG_0682 by you.
IMG_0552 by you.
IMG_0637 by you.
IMG_0620 by you.
IMG_0656 by you.
IMG_0696 by you.
IMG_0661 by you.
IMG_0716 by you.


  1. Beki, these are rad!!!!! Love, love, love! I will be putting these on my blog :) I can't wait until the twins come and you can photograph them too!

  2. Beki, I am soooo impressed! these are fantastic. i'm crying they're so beautiful. i'm so glad jenny sent me this link. veronica.