Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make Over Monday or Tuesday...whatever! :)

This image was actually taken by my 5 year old daughter :) Whenever my camera is out she wants to use it. I make sure the strap is around her neck and let her shoot. This was the only shot that was actually in focus, but it turned out amazing! It is my favorite picture yet of my little guy!
Here is the before and after shots.....enjoy!

I brought the image in LightRoom...desaturated...bumped up contrast and brightness and TADA!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Food Find Friday-May

I haven't done a Food Find Friday in forever, but I have 2 new food finds that are in need of being blogged!
Maddie celebrated her 5th birthday this past week, so we had a get together with family over the weekend. I love to have a theme, so we picked the book "Madeline" as the theme this year. On the menu were all things french. French Dips (there was supposed to be French fries but I ended up forgetting to throw them in the oven LOL) crackers and cheese, french macarons, and french madeline cookies :)
I have been wanting to order macarons for a long time and I finally found Natty Macs!! I was beyond impressed with her product as well as her customer service!!! The cookies are the best cookies I've ever had, and I can't wait to order more from her! We also had "Madeline" cake pops made by the uber talented Kristi from KLR Lolli Cake Pops. I was super impressed with her product as well!!! These were the moistest, cutest, most delicious cake pops I've ever had! Will definitely be ordering from both of these ladies again in the future!
Here are some pics of their amazing creations!








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