Sunday, November 15, 2009

Color Theme...Sunday???

Ok, so I'm a little late with Color Theme Thursday, and I was even considering waiting until this Thursday....but I couldn't stand to wait, so here it is. I did a different layout this time, and added in other images that weren't strictly handmade items from etsy...I'm lovin it!!!! alot :)

I'm photographing my good friend Jon's wedding this weekend. At first their colors were going to be blue and orange. To tell you the truth I thought it would be horendous at first, so I immediately googled some orange and blue items....I ended up loving it. They of course have now switched their color pallette, but I was inspired by it anyways.

So, here it comes....Color Theme Thursday #2!

**Please note...none of these photos are mine**

Note: Added these in...someone just brought it to my attention that I forgot to link the url's with the numbers were you supposed to know where to find these lovely things! I was so excited to get it posted that I forgot that :) enjoy!
1. This was just a random shot I found on Google images :)
2. Another one I found randomly
3. MeandMatilda...I wish that Brian wore ties more...I would clear this shop out if her did :)
5. This was another one that I found on Google, but this name was attatched to it
10. Another random one found on google images...taken by the fabulous
12. Orange Blood Martini
13. Random Google Image

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