Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fair

Yesterday was our day at the fair. We didn't have any free weekends that we were able to go, so we decided to let Maddie stay up WAY past her bedtime, and go on a weekday evening. It was a perfect outing....perfect weather, perfect food...perfect time!
I was SO mad at myself for not bringing a camera! Our little one that I keep in my purse broke a couple of weeks ago, and I hate lugging around my big camera....but I wish that I had just for this one moment... Maddie rode the ponies for the first time. She was so excited, and then once she was on she looked just the opposite. She had this scowl that stayed on her face the whole 5 minutes of the was beyond awesome. We ended up purchasing the picture that they took of it, but it doesn't do "the face" was way worse than this. We were cracking up! She got off the ride, and we asked her if it was fun....her answer was yes :)

Here's the shot they took of her on her first pony ride! ha ha!img008 by you.
And our annual photobooth pics...
img006 by you.
and she had to get one with Papa too!
img007 by you.

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