Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pete & Diana-The Finale

I'm meeting with Pete and Diana to deliver their engagment images to them this weekend, but if they are anything like me they won't be able to wait that long to see these last few teasers :)
Here is the finale of their engagment session taken at Balboa Park and Sunset Cliffs....enjoy!
IMG_3568 by you.
IMG_3292 by you.
IMG_3303 by you.
IMG_3789 by you.
IMG_3590 by you.
IMG_3654 by you.
IMG_3474 by you.
IMG_3314 by you.
IMG_1595 by you.
IMG_3690 by you.
IMG_3582 by you.
IMG_3247 by you.
IMG_3264 by you.
IMG_3666 by you.
IMG_3786 by you.
IMG_3255 by you.