Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Mornings!

I currently work a full time job as well as run my photography business on the nights and weekends. Because I have nobody to watch Maddie on Wednesday mornings I am "forced" to stay home from work until my Mom can come pick her up :)Maddie and I LOVE our Wednesday mornings together! Today we were supposed to sleep until 7 (well, that's what I thought she would do, so I stayed up until after 12 the night before), but Maddie decided she wanted to get up and get ready with Daddy at 5:30am. That means Mama must get up as well...booooo! It was ok though because it was Wednesday! So, we turned on Disney and watched cartoons until 7. I love the Disney cartoons....Wiggles has got to be my favorite. It blows my mind that these four grown men can act so ridiculously silly in front of the whole it! Next we got ready and went to Target and Party City. I got a bunch of awesome props for my new photobooth that I will be offering at weddings, and Maddie got a white cowboy hat for her Halloween costume. We got home and immediately started playing with what we had bought at Party City. Here's a few pics of Maddie hammin it up...

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