Monday, October 27, 2008

"The Booth"

We had our "test run" for our new photobooth that we will be offering for receptions. We thought that a photobooth would be super fun, but we didn't know how guest would react to it.
They all seemed to be pretty stoked! Everyone was having so much fun! It's so great to be able to just be silly and let loose. Now that we're "grown ups" it's not ofter that we get to dress up and just have fun.
The photobooth is an awesome and fun way to help make your wedding one that nobody will forget!
Here's a few snippets of our funtastic night at "The Booth"
IMG_7879 copy by you.

IMG_7835 copy by you.

IMG_7841 copy by you.

IMG_7815 copy by you.

IMG_7826 copy by you.

IMG_7858 copy by you.

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IMG_7812 copy by you.

Hey, the photographers gotta get in on the action too ya know. This is our good friend, Jon, who ran the booth. Thanks Jon!
IMG_7838 copy by you.

IMG_7782 copy by you.

IMG_7788 copy by you.

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IMG_7937 copy by you.

IMG_7952 copy by you.

This is what happens when the DJ announces last call on "The Booth"....mad dash to the booth!
IMG_7892 copy by you.

and again, couldn't help myself...
IMG_7866 copy by you.

IMG_7856 copy by you.
cant wait for the next one! book yours today!


  1. The photo booth was TONS of fun and a great idea! No doubt this will be a hit at anyone's wedding!

  2. had a blast helping out! so much fun! fun people + fun beverages + camera & costumes = pretty much awesome.