Friday, May 28, 2010

Maddie is 3!

I can't even believe it....Maddie turned 3!!!! Here are a few more pics I took of her in her new Poppy Sprouts clothes right before her birthday....enjoy!

I adore this little cupcake skirt! This was her outfit for her birthday party :)

and this skirt is one of my favs! I had this EXACT print on my comforter when I was a little girl!

and this one is Maddie's fav! She loves her some Tink :)


  1. Oh my, your Maddie is a total cutie!

    And all those Poppy Sprouts goodies are amazing, as are your photos!

  2. OOOoH They are FANTASTIC! Maddie is such a doll, the 3rd to last pic is just incredible! I will definitely be stealing pics until I get the Hi Res ones;)