Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frank & Davona- Part 2

I love these two. They are definitetly not shy in front of a camera, and the passion they have for each other really shows in these photos!
We can't wait to go to dinner with you guys when you get back from your honeymoon!!!
Here's a few more.....enjoy.
IMG_6835 by you.
IMG_6756 by you.
IMG_7015 by you.
IMG_7252 by you.
IMG_7122 by you.
IMG_7624 by you.
IMG_6718 by you.
IMG_7591 by you.


  1. Beki
    These pics were great

    This is Callie love the shots you took. Can we see more????

  2. I love the third one, and the beach sunset one! I would LOVE for you do shoot one like that for shane and I. Great pics, as always!!

  3. These are some awesome shots. Frank is devoted to his family and the love of his new wife. DaVona is a perfectionist in every respect. This was a "DREAM" wedding. I never imagined that one day the beauty inside would shine outside as well. I hope this union is blessed in every sense. These two deserve it!!!

  4. I especially like the way you've framed a number of the shots with partial cut off; that really draws one in to the image and brings the romance home with full impact (it's less distant, less observational). Lovely work!