Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chris & Annette-Trash the Dress- the finale

I have been meaning to post these last few images from their session, but I never got around to it :(
I designed a new watermarked this evening, and thought I'd test it out on these images. I am really digging it, and hope that you all like it too :)

IMG_8271 by you.

IMG_8672color by you.

IMG_8305 by you.

IMG_8400 by you.

IMG_8519 by you.

IMG_8244 by you.

IMG_8553 by you.

IMG_8503 by you.

IMG_8274 by you.

IMG_8434bw by you.

IMG_8312 by you.


  1. The Watermark is awesome!!

  2. I can't pick a favorite! They are ALL very awesome! But. . . I love the first one and all of the black and white ones!! the new watermark is cool too;0)