Friday, March 27, 2009

Engagement Favs: Feb '08- Feb '09

I spent an hour or so last night creating a new engagement slideshow for my website. I uploaded it, went to make sure everything looked ok, and then realized that all of the pictures were turned upside down....ughhh! So, I called up yahoo customer service and spent another half an hour or so trying to undo what I had just done. The guy that helped me was very nice, but neither of us had any idea what I had done or how to fix it! We finally figured it out, and got the website back to how it was. Soooo, that was a big fat waste of time with nothing frustrating!

I decided that until I have a little more time to work on my website that I would just do a few posts here on my blog with my favorite pictures from each category for Feb 2008-Feb 2009. I'm going to start with engagement, so enjoy :)

ac by you.

c by you.

bt by you.

i by you.

w by you.

q by you.

n by you.

af by you.

au by you.

e by you.

t by you.

p by you.

g by you.

d by you.

k by you.

ak by you.

ae by you.

aa by you.

a by you.

h by you.

ah by you.


  1. Great pics! Love the beach one/sunset!

  2. There's great diversity in your work here. I get the strong impression you've tailored each shoot for each of your couples. Too often I see photographers take engagement session clients to the same locations running the same poses. You're evidently working to say something unique about each of your couples :~)