Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Favs of 2009 total shock that we are beginning a new year. That last one flew by before I could even stop to enjoy it. It was a crazy and hectic year, and I am looking forward to working on making this one slow down just a bit. I'm excited to finally have a little time to work on growing my business, and really making it what I have always dreamed of. I'm planning on making this the year to get organized, and start finding products that I love and know that my clients will love. I have a couple other little projects in the works as well that I can't wait to showcase on my blog this year :)
I know that every photographer does this at the beginning of the new year, but it's really fun to look through all the images from this past year and remember all of the moments that I've caught with my camera :) I've put together a collection on my favs (in no particular order)....I know there are ALOT but keep scrolling down...some of my absolute favorites are towards the bottom :) enjoy!

If you made it this far...THANKS for looking :)


  1. Love it Beki!!! Especially my Jori pics :) Hope to work with you this year! Courtney, After the Engagement